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Computer Services


Here at, we can help remedy any problem you may be encountering with your computer. From upgrades to speed up and pimp out your existing computer to repairs or spyware and virus removal, we are here to help. We even give lessons in how to use your new DVD burner drive, digital camera, or even teach you how your computer works !

Give us a call today at 1.808.599.GEEK.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Computer slowdowns
  • Pop-up windows and spyware
  • Hard drive crashes
  • Data backup
  • Printers not printing
  • Computer not booting up
  • Internet connectivity
  • Network and workgroup configuration
  • Virus removal and containment
  • Private computer consultation and training
  • Wired networking in personal homes or business offices
  • Wireless (WiFi) connectivity and configuration
  • Computer and network security
  • System tuneups and maintenance
  • Computer updates
  • Computer case modification and customization

We now carry Xoxide Computer Cases

Computer Cases